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Inground Car Hoists

Our hoist program comprises electro-hydraulic hoists with 1, 2 or 4 rams and lifting capacities from 3 to 6.5 tonne. We cover all applications from the check-in area to the mechanical workshop, as well as body repair, diagnostic and car care, including customised solutions. Our range of swivel arm lifts with the various accessories ensures professional lifting of the ever-growing range of car models from different car manufacturers. We offer flexible solutions to a huge diversity of cars.

Visit to get details of the different car hoists supplied from centre-ram car hoists, twin-ram car hoists and 4-ram car hoists.

Surface Mounted Car Hoists

Our range of surface mounted car hoists offer almost as many models as the range of capabilities. We offer everything from 2 post car hoists with 3 t capacities to special solutions such as transporter with up to 7.2 to capacity. Our program offers possibilities for almost all weights and applications.  Our posts, regardless of design are incredibly stable to the benefit of all our customers. Top quality is equal to a high degree of safety.

Our surface-mounted hoists are naturally equipped with all necessary safety features.  We supply surface mounted hoists from AUTOPSTENHOJ and Molnar. To get details of the different surface mounted car hoists offered including single-post car hoists, 2-post car hoists, 4-post car hoists and scissor car hoists visit our supplier sites at and

Heavy Vehicle Hoists

The safe lifting of a commercial vehicle up to 45 tonnes is not only a question of the capacity of a heavy duty hoist but also of the right technology. Whether lifting a transporter or a heavy duty 45 t truck, each of our hoists follows a sophisticated concept that takes account not only of load but also of other essential issues like safety. Safety and quality are our primary focus.

We supply inground and surface mounted hoists from AUTOSTENHOJ. To get details of the different surface mounted car hoists offered including electro hydraulic 4-post hoists, mobile hoists and 2 or 3 cylindar hoists, air hydraulic pit jacks visit our supplier sites at

Brake Testing

We have developed our our own car and truck brake testers to keep up with the constant development of brakes and brake systems that have made cars even more reliable and safe. Continuous and fast development, market regulations or new electronic systems offer new demands to brake systems in the automative industry. All our test equipment can be updated anytime. We offer top quality – everything from the mechanics to the electronics as well as the software we use in our brake testers. We are ISO certified. Our products are modular – from the simple roller brake tester to the advanced test lane. We offer maximum flexility and adjustability when new market regulations are introduced or the car industry introduces new technology.

We offer plate brake testers, roller brake testers and roller testlane for check-in, repair and maintenance, testing equipment, general inspection from   AUTOPSTENHOJ.

Play Detectors

The axle play testers is used to detect loose or knocked out axle and steering parts.

Our range incluces Testmaster APT 4-1 and APT 20-1 series which requires only one test plate for checking axle suspension and steering lever joints.  This design is unique to the market and thus patented accordingly. The low overall height this plate is suitable for overfloor installation with little effort and without foundational work.
Our Testmaster APT4F is a very flat asxle play tester for cars up to 4 tonnes axle load. With the low height of 55mm, this axle play tester is suitable for above ground mounting as well as for floor level mounting. The axle play tester is controlled by a control unit.
The Testmaster APT4Pit, APT8Pit, APT20 and APT20Pit SW are specially designed for mounting next to a working pit. The pwoerful hudraulic culinders allow axle loads from 4 tonne until 20 tonne. For further information refer to AUTOPSTENHOJ.

Headlight Testers

Headlight tester with touch screen controls. suitable for motorcycle, passenger cars, vans and trucks.
The Lightmaster MC17 headlight tester is a measuring station compensating unit, which is callibrated to a common level. This eliminates the need for a separate calibration unit.
The Lighmaster BE16 is a headlight tester with mirror sight and an analogue luxmeter.

For further information on the headlight tester product please visit AUTOPSTENHOJ.

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